NAPS Operating Model

Provided By NAPS

Feasibility / Financial Modeling
Organizational Structure / Strategy (Mexico)
Site Selection

Recruitment of Direct & Indirect Personnel
Hiring / Supervision / Terminations

Accounts Payable
Tax Compliance
Payroll Processing

Regulatory Compliance
Shipping: Northbound / Southbound

Audits / Compliance

Provided By Clients

Corporate Culture
Executive Management

Capital Equipment
Tenant Improvements
Raw Materials

Quality Control (QC)
Intellectual Property (IP)

Finished Goods
Packaging Opportunities
Shipping & Receiving
Sales & Customer Service

Operational Model For Outsourcing Production & Manufacturing In Mexico

Expanding manufacturing in Mexico is a strategic decision that requires proper planning, the right team and precise execution to achieve success.

Operating in a foreign country, especially under government programs, such as the IMMEX (formally “Maquiladora”) program in Mexico, requires administration and legal know-how. One of the most common mistakes companies make is underestimating the focus and attention needed to transfer knowledge and achieve maximum productivity. Which is where NAPS makes the difference.

The NAPS operating model plays a key role by enabling companies to strictly focus on training, production and quality control, without the distraction of administration and compliance management. NAPS’ clients retain control of all manufacturing processes, quality, productivity and intellectual property (IP) under the NAPS operating model, as well as the direction of the company’s culture.

You focus on growth while we ensure a successful, smooth operation for your Mexico manufactured goods. One that is in full compliance with all Mexican and international business laws—a win for foreign manufacturers all around. The end result is a smooth transition of knowledge, faster productivity and a factory that often runs more efficiently than expected.

Whether you’re seeking to open new operations, or looking for help to expand existing operations in Mexico, contact NAPS today.