Manufacturing Services In Mexico

Administration and Compliance Management Services

Manufacturing Services In Mexico

Administration and Compliance Management Services

Through its all-inclusive Administration and Compliance Management Program, NAPS offers essential administrative services in Mexico to ensure a successful manufacturing operation. Designed with flexibility, our program allows clients seeking foreign investment in the commercial and industrial sectors to retain full control of their facilities. All while NAPS’ functional departments operate seamlessly in the background.

Accounting Administration Industry in Mexico

Accounting Administration

NAPS offers a comprehensive range of accounting services in Mexico, including:

  • Accounts payable

  • Fiscal taxes

  • Social security taxes

  • Payroll taxes

  • Vendor relations

  • Audits

  • National sales accounting support

Corporate, Legal and Government Compliance

While NAPS is not a law firm, we employ in-house attorneys to support our clients in the following areas:

  • Lease documents and negotiations

  • Land and building acquisitions

  • Establishment of Mexican corporation (independent (non-shelter) clients)

  • Audits

Corporate, Legal and Government Compliance

Customs Compliance and Administration

Mexico Import/Export Services: Customs Compliance and Administration

Our customs department ensures both U.S. and Mexico customs compliance by assisting with:

  • Import/export logistics and regulations
  • Customs and border protection support and guidance
  • Tax and duty analysis
  • Record management (as per IMMEX regulations)
  • Electronic inventory control (following IMMEX standards)
  • Shipping procedures, monitoring, and audits
  • United States-Mexico trade insights, leveraging free trade agreements like the IMMEX Program (formerly known as the Maquiladora Program) and USMCA (previously NAFTA)

Environmental, Health, and Safety Support

NAPS offers services to ensure environmental compliance in Mexico. Our EHS department minimizes any potential legal risks by:

  • Being present during government inspections & assist clients with compliance

  • Certifying that raw material, products, chemicals and equipment are in compliance with relevant governmental and environmental organizations

  • Offering regular evaluations for health, safety, and medical services
  • Performing internal monthly audits

Environmental Compliance in Mexico

Human Resources in Mexico

Human Resource Management

Understanding the complexities of human resources in Mexico can be challenging but simplified with the following assistance from NAPS’ HR department:

  • Direct and indirect labor recruiting

  • Screening and hiring

  • Compliance with Mexico’s labor laws and unions

  • On-site supervision

  • Salaries and benefits (continuous benchmarking)

  • Ongoing management

  • Turnover and absenteeism

  • Workplace inequality issues

Run a successfull operation in Mexico

In 2010, NAPS recognized the need to launch a purchasing initiative to help its clients source quality materials, components and services in Mexico. These specialized service providers help our clients reduce costs by sourcing domestically in Mexico, rather than buying internationally. In addition, many of NAPS’ clients save money by purchasing consumables and services from approved market vendors who provide volume pricing for being part of the NAPS family of companies.

Finding industrial real estate in Mexico is an important and complex process when setting up a manufacturing operation. The site selection process can be quite involved, beginning with identifying the best region and city in Mexico, to finalizing lease or purchase negotiations. With over 30 years of experience with industrial real estate in Mexico, NAPS has developed a comprehensive site selection process to help its clients understand and identify the best real estate solution for their operation.

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