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Published On: February 4, 2015

The United States and Mexico share a lengthy border and a rich history. They have long been enthusiastic trading partners. In fact, there are only two countries in the world that do more business with the USA than Mexico. Mexico manufacturing is a lynchpin of American commerce, and both countries profit from their healthy trade relations.

Approximately $500 billion dollars passed back and forth between the two countries in 2013. Exports from Mexico have increased about 80 percent since the introduction of NAFTA. Exports from the USA to Mexico have grown a staggering 443 percent in the same time period. This explosion of trade has made tremendous fortunes and provided for sustained economic growth on both sides of the border.

Mexico’s manufacturing industry is healthy and vigorous. Their facilities have a reputation for being well maintained and secure. The burgeoning trade between the United States and Mexico is a sign of how well the factories have been able to meet demand and exceed expectations. It is estimated that 5.9 million jobs in America spring from unfettered trade with their southern partner.

The President of Mexico recently stated that almost a million dollars worth of exports and imports cross the border in an average minute. The exports of Mexico range from food, to cars to high technology devices such as flat screen TVs. There have recently been substantial investments in the infrastructure and facilities at popular border crossings, improving security in Mexico while reducing the time needed to cross.

The President also pointed to the long history of sharing and cooperation between the USA and Mexico. There are 34 million Americans of Mexican origin, and there are similar numbers of people with American heritage living in Mexico. This includes 27,000 college and university students from Mexico who are currently studying at schools here in the States. The Immigration Accountability Executive Action, recently proposed and enacted by the Obama administration, was praised as a reasonable and forthright solution to the administrative problems caused by movement across the border. Modernization and improvements in bureaucratic efficiency translate into more versatile commerce and larger profits for everyone.

Recent security concerns within the state of Mexico have been met by forthright and decisive action. The benefits of the government’s policy of fair and firm prosecution of crime are already being felt across the nation. Major criminals that had caused international investors some degree of trepidation have been rightfully removed from their positions of power and imprisoned. Manufacturing facilities are especially well protected from isolated criminal incidents that may occur in rural areas. The protection and secure return of international investments is a primary concern of both nations, and Mexico’s reaffirmed commitment to justice is already reaping dividends in improved economic cooperation.

The United States and Mexico share one of the longest borders in the world, and the people on both sides of that line have more in common than almost any two peoples on Earth. The health of one nation directly impacts the health of the other. Intelligent investment and international commerce have the potential to help both countries to grow.

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