US Mexico Cargo Agreement Will Effect Manufacturing in Mexico

November 20, 2012

Cargo carried across the border from Mexico into the United States will soon be inspected by officials south of the border, affecting various consumers and companies manufacturing in Mexico.

Arturo Sarukhan, Mexico’s ambassador to the United States, describes this as a way to decrease waiting time at the border for cargo companies who are approved for the program. The U.S. Mexico border is the busiest border crossing in the world, with over 12,500 trucks crossing the border daily.

There is no target date set for the program, but essentially U.S. Customs and Border Inspection officers will be in those territories conducting the inspections. The sites are still tentative, but Sarukhan reiterates that more information about the three sites will be delivered very soon.

This news was also in tune with celebration of the, “20-year anniversary of the massive free-trade agreement, which has enabled more than $1.2 billion in daily trade between the U.S. and Mexico.” This anniversary is the primary drive for trade and manufacturing in Mexico.

Sarukhan also reiterated, “it is my job to convince the Americans that this bilateral relationship with Mexico is the most important relationship it has on the face of the earth.”