Why Mexico Is Ideal For Solar Manufacturing | NAPS

Why Mexico Is Ideal For Solar Manufacturing | NAPS

Published On: February 8, 2016

Why Mexico Is Ideal For Solar Manufacturing | NAPS

Published On: February 8, 2016

In 2012, the total power output was 14.5 GW. This was a combination of both renewable sources and private power generation. Not including hydroelectric power, the amount of renewable energy installed by the end of 2012 was 2.7GW with an actual output of only 2.4 GW. This was a reasonable step to Mexico’s energy sector. Solar manufacturing in Mexico in Mexico is a big thing now amounting to 37 MW, which are both used in small projects like residential or bigger projects like industrial to other projects like the rural electrification. Solar energy remains potential Mexico’s future big thing. Being the country is well situated with one of the biggest irradiation indexes. According to CRE, the March and April joint power venture will enable Mexico to produce a power project totaling to 160MW situated in Coahuila and Baja California Norte States. These are the projects that will fore-push the energy regulation bill into action. From the authorized 3,006 MW additional power from renewable sources, 156 MW corresponds to solar projects. These projects are speculated to begin at the end of the year and commissioning to start by 2016. Mexico’s government projection is due to the increase in demand for electricity due to industrial development. Other sources of power have to be taken advantage of in order to curb the menace.

One of the growing energy manufacturing in Mexico is the solar industry. Mexico is loved by most industry entrepreneurs because of its vast large free space for setting up large plants. It also has the availability of labor since Mexico has a big population of hardworking individuals who are ready to be employed. The large free land plus the hot and mostly sunny weather throughout makes it the best place for solar manufacturing in Mexico. Being the fact that it neighbors the United States gives it an added advantage due to its closeness to the market world. As a matter of fact, industrial growth means more power to run more factories. This could be achieved if a percentage of land is allocated for solar technology. This could bridge in with other power sources hence boosting up power for the entire nation.

Mexico has been on the urge to go for another form of energy to cater for its renewable energy target of 35%. The government has been very supportive and with its large prime land, Mexico becomes the optional destination for Solar Manufacturing industries. Despite all the worries and speculations concerning solar and clean energy, solar energy is piercing through Mexico beating all standing odds of fear of cutting off electricity usage. There is also the fear of indirect economic influx due to its establishment and opting for alternative energy. However, with the Mexican Manufacturing Company’s reputable relationship with the United States, this would prove to be an outstanding solution.

Targeting the U.S. as their market, many solar international companies that manufacture solar energy equipment started establishing operations in Mexico. The Tijuana – San Diego Region due its vast land and sunshine has been the best place for most manufacturers. Positive results have been witnessed due to the corporation and help from Mexico manufacturing service companies. These manufacturing companies include the North American Production Sharing and the solar market in Mexico hence enhancing good positive results.

Solar Manufacturing Costs

Due to the rapid growth of the solar market, solar panel manufacturing industries are always caught in the balance in bidding to win and bidding a financial sound price. Don’t you think it would be fair if the market was big enough for Mexico solar production for everyone with solar resources, with a supportive system that would protect the market from incentives? Yes, the answer to search a market is right here in Mexico, where wind energy projects have always dominated the energy sector for quit a long time and now it’s time for solar energy to flourish. Mexico not only has energy but has been ranked 14th in world gross domestic product. With the country’s main electricity provider CFE regulating energy prices. The energy prices are believed to have increased from 8% to 10% yearly historically. Solar systems manufacturing cost has undergone a decrease in recent years. This is because in Mexico solar has become a house hold property and many people are embracing the new power source. Most countries are still struggling to work on legislations that would enable them to boost the energy sector however this is not the case with Mexico for such laws are already in place.

To be precise, Mexico’s energy laws put it in place for users to buy power from private energy generating project. This creates a ready market for all the private energy producers on the site. Solar developers in Mexico do not sell “green,” however, they do sell an affordable product to most of the ready, willing costumers who benefit from the bottom line. This year, a huge boom in power is expected from solar energy. This has been escalated by the first world market solar energy project that was finished in just 12 months. This project is found in the state of Baja Surandit’s a 30 MW facility. The Mexican government has been supporting the solar energy projects and this has been seen in the energy reform bills. This will make the increase in production of petroleum and gas resources a boom. There forms will also see to it that the legal steps and challenges to private solar electricity producers are reduced. A case in point it won’t be necessary to create a joint obligation to both the producer and the off-taker.

Solar panels in Mexico

The largest Mexico solar industry producing city in Mexico is the JUAREZ. This is the largest solar panel producer both in Latin America and Mexico. It recently reached a capacity of 1.3 million solar panels yearly. This solar plant is located in the south of Juárez. This company began making solar when it was under the Missouri-based Sun-Edison Inc. in mid 2004. The company is well known as the world’s biggest renewable energy Centre. These solar panels produced are exported to South American countries, the United States and Europe too. Majorly for both domestic and commercial use purposes. The growing Mexico’s market greatly depends on the Juárez plant. The plant was officially opened by the Mexican Secretary of Economy Idelfonso Guajardo Villarreal, together with the state and local government officials and company representatives. The passing of the energy reforms has greatly seen the development and increase in production line chains. This has made Mexico the leading and the best production chain of the manufacture of photovoltaic panels. Last year in August, the Mexican president put his signature into the hydrocarbon and electricity reforms. This was a milestone to the giving out of both oil and gas industry to private and foreign ownership. The energy reforms saw to it that the prior monopolized sector was now open to private investors who saw to it that the law was put into action. These reforms are projected to enable Mexico generate 35% of solar electricity by 2024 and further 60% by 2050. This has been witnessed way back in 2012 when 4% of solar electricity was generated.

Sun Power Solar Panel Manufacturing Site

With its great innovative solar power plant, the Sun Power solar panel manufacturer has gotten itself several endorsement deals in the Mexico solar panel manufacturing. From the NSF to its Free land verification, the Sun Power has continued to portray its leadership skills in the production sector. Following it’s model of manufacturing a friendly environment basing strictly to ensure that their production does not affect the environment. Customer satisfaction is the core value of this company providing reliable and efficient solar energy solutions. Sun Power operates at a minimal impact hence being environmental watchdog by producing clean solar energy to the market. NSF Sustainability gives certificates to companies that ensure at least not even 1% of their waste products goes to land. The criteria for selection are very thorough following many attributes of a given company. To get their recognition then your company must have exercised high environmental values without any reasonable doubts. This criterion involves companies that have a standing waste management processes combined with rapid employ training packages. Not forgetting the daily audits to ensure that there is compliance with the environmental charter. Many people rely on Sun Power solar panels for both domestic and large use. Given the outstanding manufacturing designs, Sun Power has put Mexico on the world map for producing some of the best solar panels worldwide. Having a global market from Africa to Asian countries and still going hard in delivering the best solar panels in the world market. Their products are really investment worthy and its availability beats all odds. This has been achieved by setting up offices outside of Mexico hence globalizing their solar panel products. All in all the energy sector is willing to give guidelines and support to every investor hence create reliable working conditions in Mexico.


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