Mexico Going Green and Attracting Solar Manufacturing Companies

April 19, 2013

Mexico is continuing to move forward with its “Go Green” movement by implementing solar panels throughout public schools. Mexico has made tremendous progress with attracting solar companies to manufacturing in Mexico strides and now the country is focusing on renewable energy and its relationship with education and other public forums.  The Mexican Congress has recently approved amendments where the renewable energy bill will help further the installation of solar panels within public schools.  With domestic demand for solar panels continue to rise in Mexico, foreign solar companies manufacturing in Mexico for exportation to the United States might realize a new revenue stream by selling locally.

Mexico continues to be a leading figure within the renewable energy circuit. They are the second country to take a stance in changing the global climate. A year ago, Mexico announced its new position of leadership, along with the United Kingdom. The country, and its government, passed a bill that is said to eventually cut the growth on emissions by 30% by 2024 and reach its ultimate goal of 50% by 2050. This is in addition to Mexico’s already strict environmental laws for companies manufacturing in Mexico.

Mexico is taking a stride, with the rest of Latin America (such as Bolivia and Peru), and not holding back on this global issue. This new energy bill will allow Mexico to be a leader for the battle against climate change. This movement does not only aid to the march for clean energy and decrease of gas emissions for the global climate but also create a positive outlook for families across the country. There will be a balance of energy sales from rural communities, “that will sell the surplus energy to the rest of the municipality,” according to This ultimately means the cost of energy will become cheaper in Mexico, which could assist the private sector and companies manufacturing in Mexico.