Manufacturing in Mexico’s Solar Industry

March 13, 2013

The solar industry in Mexico is one of many growing industries that are manufacturing in Mexico. Mexico is viewed by industry leaders as a location of choice for the solar industry for many reasons, including large quantities of land in hot, sunny areas, a diverse labor pool and its proximity to the United States.

As Mexico manufacturing grows, the energy needed to fuel the growth can come from solar technology. In fact, if less than one percent of Mexico’s land was developed for the purpose of solar energy, it could provide enough power for the entire nation.

Bloomberg news also reports that Mexico is striving for a large hand in alternative energy hoping to, “increase solutions to reach the country’s renewable energy target of 35 percent of power generation from alternative sources.” With the government’s support, as well as the large space and prime location, Mexico continues to thrive as the optimal location.

Some concerns regarding solar and clean energy initiatives in the United States are: the cost of generating electricity, the time required to establish solar and wind power plants, forced cuts in electricity usage, and the indirect damage cause to the economy by over dependence on alternative sources of energy. However, with the solar industry making its way into Mexico, and the relationship Mexico manufacturing companies share with the United States, this may prove to be a viable solution.

International companies that specialize in manufacturing solar energy equipment started establishing operations in Mexico with the U.S. as their target market. The Tijuana – San Diego Region has been the ideal choice for solar manufacturing companies due to the abundance of sun and available land in Mexico. With the aid of Mexico manufacturing service companies such as North American Production Sharing (NAPS), the solar market in Mexico should continue to provide positive results.

NAPS is the leader in outsourced administration and compliance management services in Mexico and provides a solution for companies who do not understand how to expand into Mexico.  With over 50 factories and 6000 employees in Mexico, NAPS can assist through the feasibility, start-up and on-going administration of virtually any manufacturing, assembly or packaging operation in Mexico.