Goods Produced in Mexico that Might Surprise You

Published On: December 16, 2021

Mexico has a long history of manufacturing, and today, thanks to the long list of advantages of manufacturing in Mexico, the country is home to production facilities owned by some of the world’s biggest businesses.

As a result of the continuing influx of international manufacturers, Mexico supplies homes and businesses all over the United States and the world with many essential goods.

Everyday Items


There’s a good chance the TV in your living room was manufactured in Mexico, one of the top producers of consumer electronics. When it comes to flat-screen TVs specifically, the country is the largest exporter in the world with more than 200 companies in Baja California alone, including big brands like Samsung.

Home appliances

The TV in your living room is probably not your only home item manufactured in Mexico. If you look at your home appliances, you will likely find that they’re made in Mexico, too. Many large enterprises have multiple manufacturing plants in Mexico, such as Whirlpool, which has three facilities dedicated to refrigerator and washer production in Apodaca, a municipality of manufacturing Monterrey, Mexico.


Toothpaste is manufactured worldwide, but Mexico is home to production facilities owned by the household names Crest and Colgate. Although some manufacturing is kept stateside, specific products, like Colgate Cavity Prevention, are produced in Mexico.

Printers & ink

Like toothpaste, printer ink is manufactured in many places across the world, but Mexico’s printer industry is one of the fastest-growing, second only to Brazil as the largest region for printer and ink production in Latin America.

Surprising Products

The fact that your dishwasher and TV were imported from elsewhere may not come as a surprise, but Mexico is also a major exporter of some items that you may not have considered.

NASA suits

In its Valladolid facility in Yucatán, Grupo Alsico Promex produces the specialized suits on which NASA astronauts rely. Each jumpsuit requires technical perfection, so the Valladolid plant provides employment to more than 400 highly skilled artisans and engineers, all of whom undergo advanced training.


The Fender name is iconic in the world of rock music, and one model of the legendary Fender Stratocaster Guitar is actually produced in Mexico. Also known as the Made in Mexico Fender or the Player Series Stratocaster, these guitars are well-loved for their price and relative performance levels.

Important Exports

In addition to common, and not-so-common, products, many of Mexico’s largest manufacturing sectors are essential to life as we know it today.

Medical devices

The value of easy-to-access medical devices in Mexico has become more apparent than ever as a result of COVID-19, and many devices, from simple instruments to complex machinery, are exported from Mexico, accounting for more than 70 percent of medical devices exported from Latin America. In 2018 alone, medical device exports to the United States from Mexico totaled $13.2 billion.


Cars are a critical component of everyday life for people across the globe, but many might not realize that their car may have been produced and exported from Mexico. The automotive industry in Mexico is one of the largest, with more than 80 percent of the country’s total automotive exports destined for the United States.

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