Beyond Manufacturing in Mexico: What You Need to Know About Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Beyond Manufacturing in Mexico: What You Need to Know About Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Published On: November 21, 2022

Beyond Manufacturing in Mexico: What You Need to Know About Human Resources Outsourcing Services

Published On: November 21, 2022

If you’re looking to take advantage of the benefits of manufacturing in Mexico, you’ll need people to power your production. But how do you meet your human resources (HR) needs while navigating unfamiliar waters? The key is bringing in HR professionals well-versed in Mexico’s laws, language, and culture.

Here’s what you need to know about outsourcing your human resources in Mexico.

Outsourcing HR: What to Keep in Mind

Solutions offerings: When comparing vendors, it’s helpful to know exactly what services you’ll need. Do you need help attracting, hiring, and managing qualified employees? Are you looking for someone to handle your payroll and employee benefits administration? Or do you require a full suite of HR solutions? Keep in mind that your needs may change over time, so you may want a full-service provider that can continue to meet your needs as you grow.

Cost vs. quality: Low-cost HR outsourcing services may be attractive, but you don’t want low prices to come at the expense of quality. Without the right service levels, you could end up with inefficient workflows, inaccurate payroll processing, and more, so make sure to vet providers and compare various service packages thoroughly before committing.

Reputation: Your people are the heart of your business, which means you want an HR outsourcing company that has a positive track record. This is especially critical when operating in a foreign country, where you may be fully relying on your provider to successfully resolve complex HR issues. If you can’t find references, be sure to look at reviews from trusted sources.

Common Concerns About Outsourcing HR Functions in Mexico (and Why You Shouldn’t Worry)

I won’t find qualified candidates for my manufacturing.

Among the many misconceptions about Mexico is the idea that there aren’t skilled workers available to meet manufacturing demands or, if there are available workers, they aren’t qualified to work on more advanced production processes, such as those involved in aerospace engineering.

The reality: As one of the world’s biggest hubs of manufacturing, Mexico is home to a large pool of skilled, educated workers who bring significant value to manufacturing operations. Over 100,000 engineers graduate in Mexico each year. What’s more, state governments continue to incentivize specialized training programs to increase the number of workers qualified to work in highly technical industries.

How can you actually find these skilled employees? When you work with an outsourced management company like NAPS, you get a partner that works closely with you to understand your business—and then finds the best talent that meets your unique requirements.

The language barrier is too big.

HR departments are a crucial component of an organization’s operations and overall success, which is why business leaders are often concerned about language barriers between in-house team members and outsourced employees in Mexico.

The reality: Spanish may be the official language of Mexico, but you’re guaranteed to find employees with advanced English knowledge and complete fluency. Plus, we help you handle all employee relations, ensuring any internal and external communications are always clear, so you can sit back and focus on running your core operations.

I’ll lose control of my business.

Mexico offers a number of competitive advantages to manufacturers, including the option to operate under a shelter company that handles everything from site selection and material sourcing to human resources and accounting. However, you might be wondering how much control you need to surrender in the process.

The reality: A full-service HR provider, like NAPS, will work closely with you to ensure HR support is always aligned with your priorities, objectives, and company values. You maintain full control of corporate culture, executive management, company vision, production, and more.

NAPS: Your HR Experts in Mexico

An in-house department is often seen as the best way to handle all of your human resources needs, but when manufacturing in Mexico, you’re better off outsourcing. From cost savings to compliance support, the value of having experienced HR professionals that truly get your business cannot be overstated.

Contact NAPS to learn more about how NAPS can support you with our Administration and Compliance Management Program in Mexico.

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