Manufacturing in Mexico, A Strategic Alternative to China

January 3, 2012

From October 13th through November 18th, 2011, Cook Associates Executive Search polled nearly 3,000 manufacturing executives primarily small to mid-sized U.S. companies. C-level executives and vice presidents in charge of operations, manufacturing and supply chain management participated in the survey. The survey identified that products needing technology improvement or innovation served as the primary reasons for manufacturing returning to the U.S. The survey concluded that 85% of executives are strongly considering moving manufacturing back to the U.S. and 37% of companies specified rising overseas costs as the primary reason.

Companies are finding they are able to retain a high level of competitiveness in today’s changing economy by being strategic as to manufacturing locations. NAPS specializes in offering outsourced administrative support to companies interested in manufacturing in Mexico. NAPS can assist in evaluating manufacturing costs in China compared to the U.S. and Mexico and also develop innovative strategies to lower total production costs. Read more:

NAPS Press Release / Cook Associates Executive Search – Survey Information