Manufacturing In Mexico: The Best Choice for Automakers

June 10, 2013

Over the last decade, auto manufacturing in Mexico has proven time and again that it is the perfect choice when it comes to offshore automotive manufacturing. Manufacturing in Mexico has made large strides to ensure that foreign investors are happy, and will remain happy, with their investment in a very promising country.

Recently, Ferarri announced its favor for Mexico, over longtime competitor China. North American Chief Executive Officer Marco Mattiacci, as well as Jonathon Becket (Burgess Yachts CEO) and Gianpaolo De Felice (Gothom Jets CEO) explained, “Mexico is the next China. We see indicators that a lot of manufacturing is moving back to China.” During their panel interview, Mattiacci added that Mexico has, “absolutely outstanding quality of education, and the country is aided by its proximity to the U.S., and change in government” are all leading factors to why companies are picking Mexico.

The automotive industry is a booming industry for manufacturers in Mexico. Sourcing automotive parts (automobiles are typically compromised of over 20,000 parts) continue to play an integral and viable roll for many investors. Recently, Time Magazine coined Mexico No. 53 on the “World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business” rankings.

Many other well renowned automakers are already manufacturing in Mexico, which continues to provide significant opportunity for suppliers. Volkswagen, Nissan, Toyota, Chrysler and luxury companies like Audi and Mercedes are looking towards this attractive country as the solution to their future needs. Mexico is proving be the best choice for manufacturing with its strong potential for economic growth, maintaining a strong 3.9% within the last year and being ranked 8th in the worlds emerging world.