Automotive Manufacturing in Mexico Grows Along With Country’s International Relations

Published On: October 11, 2013

 Manufacturing in Mexico as a whole showing continuous signs of evolution, paralleling diplomatic strategies.

Described as being “mature, dynamic and in a state of continuous growth,” the automotive manufacturing industry in Mexico has exploded in the wake of economic instability across the globe. It’s no secret that a plethora of automakers have made the move to manufacture in Mexico – i.e. they have chosen to make the country their new production home – while a growing auto industry there blossoms along with them. Recently, international leaders such as President Hassan Rouhani hailed the existing friendly relationship between Tehran and Mexico City, calling for bolstering ties in all arenas – at the same time signaling a possible benefit for the burgeoning manufacturing sector in Mexico. Further, many strategists believe that this would not only strengthen other nations’ relationships with the country but also with many other nations that enable trade, citing NAFTA and the other 44 treaties.

Quite a few international communities have forwarded congratulatory messages to the Mexican nation and government on the anniversary of the country’s Independence Day, underlying the importance of “enhancing relations with Mexico” in the area of foreign policy. Additionally, many countries have been hoping for the “expansion of cooperation between (their) countries in line with safeguarding interests of both on bilateral and international levels.” As one such example of how the issue has been getting the spotlight as of late, Chinese and Mexican enterprises are hoping to foster new growth engines in areas such as energy, mining, infrastructure and premium technology as the two nations remain committed to building “closer and stronger economic ties” according to President Xi Jinping. “China is willing to work alongside Mexico to improve the strategic association between the two countries,” Xi said in a recent statement.

Some relationships between Mexico and other nations of the world are steeped in a history of foreign affairs between the countries, select diplomatic relations dating as far back as 1889. Though cooperation and trade between Mexico and certain nations was not formally established until 1937, the country has enjoyed close political and economic relations with many since the late 1800’s, growing over the years with the volume of bilateral trade and economic cooperation.

Outside of the burgeoning manufacturing industry in Mexico, it is believed by political circle experts that the country would welcome deepening cooperation in cultural sectors of mutual nations, citing talks that occurred between certain leaders and Mexican Secretary of Tourism Gloria Guevara Manzo about the expansion of cultural and tourism ties.

While manufacturing in Mexico continues to evolve to a fever pitch – notably in the automotive sector – the country’s abundant potential for cooperation in all areas of commerce, government and culture grows with it.

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